7.1 Carbon Capture and Sequestration (Ch. 28)

The chapter addresses the use of CCS to achieve significant reductions in emissions of CO2 to the atmosphere by 2050. Regardless of one’s views about the cause, pace, or even existence of climate change, the time is ripe to drive CCS forward. National and state investment in and support of CCS are completely consistent with the Trump Administration’s goals to (1) invest in infrastructure projects; (2) continue U.S. reliance on fossil fuels; (3) create jobs; and (4) make America great. CCS can help achieve these goals and more. The chapter provides an overview and explains why, despite much study and decades of use of the technology, its widespread adoption in the United States has not yet occurred. The chapter also describes the potential of CCS for achieving deep decarbonization of the U.S. power sector and explains the key components of CCS. The chapter identifies and recommends several federal and state legal reforms necessary to drive CCS forward.